Current Equity Projects

  • Calling in the Key of She

Calling in the Key of She is an ecumenical leadership empowerment program for clergy and religious leaders that seeks to address the gap of female leadership in Protestant churches by educating and empowering congregations to become more "female-friendly." This also includes programs to impact adolescent girls and boys at an early age by educating them, exposing them to female clergy and religious leaders, and allowing them to explore various aspects of ministry available to all persons.

Calling in the Key Brochure 1.jpg
Calling in the Key Brochure 2.jpg

  •  Equity for Women in the Church Pastors Initiative

This project enlists senior/solo pastors to prepare their congregations to consider women pastoral candidates in the future. A survey will identify pastors who are willing to use specific strategies to break down barriers that may hinder a congregation from considering and calling the best candidate irrespective of gender. Pastor participants will receive resources such as books, videos, consultation, and online support.

  • The Lydia Project

This project will provide financial support to clergywomen who create new and renewed multicultural, welcoming and affirming Christian communities who practice inclusivity in language, gender, and race. Equity will partner with seminaries/theological schools in selecting clergywomen to support.