Founding Partners from Inception to March 27, 2017


Alliance of Baptists

Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ (Washington, D.C.)

First Baptist Church (Pittsfield, MA)

St. Hildegard's Community (Austin, TX)


Jo Ann Alley

Joanne Chadwick

Andrea Chambers

Jann Aldredge-Clanton and David Clanton

D. H. Clark

Cynthia Cole

Isabel Docampo

Para Drake

Relma Hargus

Lynn Casteel Harper

Craig Henry

Patricia Hernandez

Eva L. Aldredge Henley

Christopher Hutson

Leah Knox

Judith Liro

Memorial to Eva L. Aldredge Henley

Susan Newman Moore

Colette Numajiri

Marie and Franklin Onwubuariri

   Courtney Pace

Ledayne M. Polaski

Eileen Campbell-Reed

Alfreda B. Reese

Sheila Sholes-Ross and Nelson Ross

Virginia Marie Rincon

Christine Smith

Shirley Taylor

Christine Wiley

Alfie Wines

Abe Louise Young